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Bat Removal, cleanup & disinfection ~ Raccoon trapping and removal
Beaver Damage Management and Flood Control
Groundhog trapping and removal ~ Squirrel trapping and removal
Snake Trapping & Removal ~ Skunk trapping and removal
Mouse trapping, cleanup & disinfection
Canada Geese hazing & birth control
Animal waste removal, attic cleanup, disinfection and building repairs
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Garden State Wildlife Control specializes in humane removal of nuisance wildlife in New Jersey.  
If you're in need of wild animal trapping and animal control in New Jersey, the N.J. Certified Animal Control Officers
at Garden State Wildlife Control will perform an inspection of your property,
provide wildlife removal and wildlife relocation when necessary, perform any necessary repairs to structures and provide
exclusion methods to prevent future re-entry by wildlife....
We will craft a permanent solution to the problem, and not simply treat the symptoms.
All New Jersey wild animal control and capture is performed utilizing humane methods to remove wild animals.
Adult animals in need of relocation shall only be relocated according to New Jersey state regulations.

***Please note: Structural repairs and exclusion costs are
not included with the cost of inspection,
trap setting and removal of animals.  The extent of repairs and associated costs are
impossible to determine prior to
observing the condition of the structure or property in question.  Our inspections last from 1-3 hours, depending on the size
and complexity of the structure; we do not provide free inspections.***  

We provide bat evictions, raccoon trapping, beaver damage management and flood control, squirrel trapping, groundhog
trapping, and much more!  Although every effort is made to maintain juvenile animals with their parent, there are occasions
when it isn't possible.  Garden State Wildlife Control works closely with a New Jersey State Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator
when juvenile wild animals become separated from their parents, and released back to the wild when grown.
Providing New Jersey with humane wild animal control and nuisance
animal removal from residential and commercial buildings and properties.
NY DEC Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator: License #2310
PGC Nuisance Wildlife Control Special Permit: # 33344