Garden State Wildlife Control
Exclusion, Clean-up and Repairs
The "before and after" photos on the left were taken in an
attic which was the home of over 119 Big Brown bats.  As
evidenced by the large amount of droppings; this attic had been
their primary residence for a very long time.  

The process begins with a procedure called "venting" of the
bats.  Special devices which permit the bats to exit, but not
re-enter are installed at the entry/exit points.  After one or two
weeks, and all of the bats had been vented from the attic, the
exclusion process can begin.  

The exclusion process for this residence was concentrated at
three locations on the roof.  All entry points were sealed with
copper mesh and a terpolymer sealant which carries a 30 year
product warranty.

All contaminated insulation was removed, all remaining fecal
matter was vacuumed and removed, exposed surfaces were
decontaminated and the insulation was replaced.
Prior to becoming wildlife professionals, we owned and
operated a tree service.  We occasionally will perform tree
removal and pruning when necessary, and at a substantial
savings to the customer when compared to hiring a full tree

These trees were permitting access to the chimney and roof by
squirrels and raccoons.  For more detailed images of the clear
pathways left in the snow by squirrels, and the damage they
caused, please visit our "
Squirrel Removal" page.
(Top-left) The constant contact of the tree with the chimney,
siding and the shingles had resulted in a damaged exterior.  
Another company had installed a chimney cap on one of two
chimneys, and had neglected the deteriorating crown.

After the above tree was removed, so was the existing chimney
cap.  We applied a coating of a long-lasting, waterproof
membrane to the chimney crown which carries a 15-year
product warranty.

Our selection of chimney caps are able to suit practically any
chimney flue configuration.  They will cover all flues and are
secured directly to the chimney crown.
Very often, we find that bats have entered the
attic space through poor quality building
materials, or negligent installation by contractors.  

We've found a consistent problem with three
types of ridge vents.  The one shown to the left
was of poor quality when it was installed almost 30
years ago.  Age and extreme weather conditions
had left a linear gap between the shingles and the
vent, permitting access to a small colony of bats.

We install Cobra ridge vent material as a
replacement; it provides an efficient barrier to
bats and conforms to the contours and minor
deviations of the roof line.  Installation of a new
cap of shingles completes the project.
A small colony of bats had entered the eave of this
condominium and were residing within the attic.  
The customer requested cleanup of the area most
contaminated by the bat droppings.  

After sealing the entry points, the insulation was
removed, all guano was vacuumed and all
contaminated insulation was replaced with new,
R-19 kraft faced insulation.
Raccoons are clever animals, and the pressure-activated
louvers commonly found with powered attic fans are
frequently used as entry points by raccoons.  They are
easily opened with the light pressure of one finger.  

To permit a proper exclusion (prevent future access by
the massive fan and it's shroud needed to be removed.  
Exclusion was provided by the installation of 1/2"
hardware cloth over the opening.  This permitted proper
operation of the powered attic fan/vent louver
combination, while preventing any future access by wildlife.
Occasionally, older structures weren't constructed with an
attic access.  This severely limits the ability to control
problems with wildlife.  

This structure was experiencing problems with flying
squirrels and mice.  Working with the customer's pest
control service, we created an attic access to facilitate our
trapping of the flying squirrels while permitting
management of the mice by the pest control service.
Our inspection process occasionally reveals problems
which a homeowner is unaware of.  Roof inspections are
an opportunity to make repairs before further damage

This plumbing vent boot was found badly deteriorated.  
The shingles were meticulously removed, a new vent
boot was installed, and the shingles were replaced.  The
structure now has a water-tight seal.
Porch/deck/shed exclusions for burrowing animals are
addressed in a similar manner.  Cage wire or hardware
cloth is installed in a way which will prevent burrowing
animals from access.  Our exclusions are 100% effective
against burrowing animals!