New Jersey Nuisance Bird Control
Non-Migratory, non-indigenous and invasive
House Sparrows, Starlings and Pigeons
House Sparrow
European Starling
Dirty Pigeon
All three of the above bird species are not native to New Jersey, are considered invasive and non-migratory,
which means they are not protected under the United States Fish & Wildlife laws.  
Any methods used to control these birds, lethal or live, will not adversely affect the established ecosystem of New Jersey.   
Garden State Wildlife Control utilizes both professional and humane trapping methods to remove nuisance birds from buildings,
and is trained in the installation of deterring birds from perching along roof-lines and buildings.  
Sparrows have remarkable ability to gain access to commercial buildings,
especially supermarkets and home improvement centers; usually by way of open
loading docks.  If Sparrows have gained access to your commercial building in
New Jersey, the N.J. State Certified Animal Control Officers at Garden State
Wildlife Control will trap, remove and release the offending birds outside.  Our
humane trapping methods will reduce the possibility of perceived cruelty issues
by the public.  Garden State Wild Animal Control will provide recommendations
about how to prevent further access to your commercial buildings in New Jersey.
European Starlings are arguably the most damaging, non-indigenous birds in
New Jersey.  These birds are capable of pecking holes in poor-quality building
exteriors (such as Dry-vit), and constructing nests either within the walls of the
structure, or as in the photo at left; massive nests in attic space.  Their early
morning activity causes many people to be woken up much earlier than their
alarm are set.  Garden State Wildlife Control will remove birds in the attic,
remove the Starling nest, and provide a written course of action to prevent
future access.  
The Pigeon; every attempt will be made to avoid subjective opinion in this text,
but what good can be said about the Pigeon?  They reproduce faster than
rabbits, they tend to establish their presence where humans walk, sit or stand
(such as at a crosswalk and under a street light), and the Pigeon waits and uses
it's inherent precision targeting ability to place a gooey, black and white glob of
poo on the unsuspecting human.  The pigeon likes to perch on building
rooflines, frequently causing a dirty mess along the sidewalks of storefronts.  
Garden State Wildlife control will install Pigeon barriers and Pigeon deterrents
to discourage and prevent pigeons from perching on a roof.
Garden State Wildlife and Bird Removal will remove nuisance New Jersey birds from your attic space, building
interior and exterior, and apply control measures to prevent future access to structures.  Depending on the extent of
the damage, repair costs could accumulate quickly.  The best method to control damage and cleanup costs is by
preventing these nuisance birds of New Jersey from gaining access to attic space or discouraging them from
perching or roosting on a roof.  Call Garden State Wildlife and Bird Removal for an inspection and written course
of action to control invasive birds in New Jersey.