These are entry holes that were gnawed away by squirrels in New Jersey.  In both cases, the
customer contacted a handyman to repair the squirrel damage to the structure, and in both cases,
the repairs weren't the correct methods to prevent determined wildlife from creating new holes
and gaining reentry.  Garden State Wildlife Control will begin the exclusion process by
preventing wildlife from accessing the structure, then a combination of different metal materials
will be installed, either hardware cloth or aluminum flashing, which will eliminate the
possibility of creating new holes.

Squirrels can also be responsible for a very real danger of causing residential fires by chewing
through the protective casing which surrounds modern house wiring, exposing the bare copper
wires beneath.  Garden State Wildlife and Squirrel Removal will perform a thorough inspection
of the exterior
and the attic, provide a written course of action to remove squirrels from an
attic, recommend methods to prevent access, and perform all necessary repairs in-house.   
Squirrel Trapping and Removal
Tree maintenance is important to maintain an adequate clearance from
structures, as this is typically the first access available by wildlife.  Garden
State Wildlife and Animal Control uses a professional "in-house" tree
climber with 26 years experience to provide light tree trimming, so squirrels
and raccoons have one less opportunity to gain entry to soffits and attic vents.  
Garden State Wildlife Control will perform any required  tree pruning,
thereby eliminating the need for additional phone calls and
contractor estimates!  Garden State Wildlife and Animal Control is fully
insured, with 26 years of tree maintenance experience.  Ask for our insurance
certificate during the initial inspection process!
Squirrels had accessed this attic crawlspace through the transition of the dormer soffit and
roof sheathing.  The squirrels had accessed the roof by the many trees which were contacting
the residence.  They found this convenient entry point, safe from the elements and gnawed
the vinyl soffit to claim their nesting site.  The Animal Control Officers at Garden State
Wildlife Control set live catch/cage traps along the roof and soffit to provide live squirrel
trapping.  All traps placed to catch squirrels an a roof are protected from the elements and
prevent direct exposure to the sun.
Squirrel in trap
Many people are unaware that flying squirrels inhabit New Jersey.  The photographs below were taken at a residence in Montague, Sussex County.  
The homeowner had made a few attempts at controlling the flying squirrels before contacting a large "pest control" company.  Their efforts entailed
nothing more than mounting baited cage traps on the roof of the structure, out of sight and six feet above the entrance hole.  After three days without
success and hundreds of dollars out of pocket, the homeowner directed the New York pest control company to remove their traps.

Garden State Wildlife and Animal Control was contacted to remove these flying squirrels in Sussex County, New Jersey.  Our thorough inspection
of the residence located the only possible entry point, a live multiple-catch trap was set for the flying squirrels at 2:00pm.  We received a call at
8:00am the following day from the homeowner that we had a successful capture.  Upon arrival, we found
three flying squirrels had been trapped!  
Garden State Wildlife and Animal Control has received extensive training in flying squirrel trapping and squirrel trapping in New
Jersey.  Our training provides fast and efficient removal of squirrels from buildings, resulting in affordable removal of squirrels.  
Garden State Wildlife and Animal Control provides humane squirrel trapping and humane squirrel removal in New Jersey.  New
Jersey tree squirrels, which include the grey squirrel, red squirrel and flying squirrel can become troublesome when they manage
to access vulnerable areas of a building.  The New Jersey State Certified Animal Control Officers at Garden State Wildlife and
Animal Control specialize in wildlife control methods which include squirrel trapping, habitat modification, and squirrel
proofing of structures.  We are not a New Jersey pest control company, and we do not provide "pest control" in New Jersey.  
Our focus and direct training with wildlife damage control, animal damage control, nuisance wildlife control and building
construction/improvements clearly leaves Garden State Wildlife Control the ideal choice when considering wildlife damage
control in New Jersey!

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Click on the image above to observe the clear pathways left by squirrels
travelling from the tree limbs to the entry hole (in the red circle).