Snake Trapping and Removal

Garden State Wildlife & Animal Control
New Jersey is home to only two venomous snakes, the Copperhead and the Timber Rattlesnake.  Both snakes
are protected New Jersey through the Non-game and Endangered Species Protection (NESP) Act.
The copperhead is on the verge of becoming listed as a "threatened" species.  
Although it is illegal for anyone to kill, collect or harass any New Jersey native snake species, it is permissible
to remove and relocate these reptiles within a specific range of their local habitat.

Snakes are ostensibly elusive reptiles.  Many people are unjustifiably threatened by their presence, and have
often resorted to killing these New Jersey reptiles for no reason.  It's true; they are not attractive, fuzzy or
cuddly, but they are an important component of the New Jersey ecosystem, just like bats.  They are prey for
many New Jersey mammals, like raccoon, opossum, and bobcats, and raptors such as hawks and owls.

The New Jersey State Certified Animal Control Officers at Garden State Wildlife and Animal Control
will humanely remove New Jersey snakes from properties and develop a plan for homeowners which will
discourage snakes from residing on their properties.