Skunk Trapping and Removal
(mephitis mephitis)
We deeply care for the welfare of all wildlife which we encounter, but we
especially love skunks!  Skunks are perhaps the most docile mammals, and
will utilize their only real defense in only the most threatening circumstances.

Garden State Wildlife Control works closely with a  New Jersey Certified
Wildlife Rehabilitator in cases of injured or orphaned juvenile skunks.  The
juveniles are raised to be "teenagers" and released into an appropriate

Although skunks are considered to be a primary rabies vector species in New
Jersey, we haven't encountered any which have displayed the signs or
symptoms of rabies.  Juvenile wildlife are typically more docile than adults.  
When adult skunk removal is performed, we utilize trapping methods which
prevent exposure to spray.  

Have I been sprayed?  Yes.  It was pretty bad, but there are a few
concoctions readily available on the internet which quickly neutralize the
This juvenile was found with his sibling in a window well by a
homeowner.  Garden State Wildlife Control removed
emaciated juveniles from the well and transported them to
the wildlife rehabilitator for treatment.  It is estimated that
they had been deprived of fluids and nourishment from their
mother for at least eight hours, four hours of which was spent
in the direct sunlight on a very warm day.  

Click *
here* to watch the video of their removal from the
window well!

Click the photo to the left for a video of the care they
received at Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary!
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