Garden State Wildlife Control frequently observes the results of the poor service provided by many "pest control" companies.  
The complaints we most frequently hear from our customers are:
1) Expensive, long-term contracts
2) Infrequent return visits or follow-up
3) Poor service after the contract sale

Our observations
1) Poison bait stations:  Customers are consistently led to believe that "traps" were placed in their attic.  Poisons are not
"traps".  As evidenced by the photos (below), rodents will eat the poison, but remain within the structure to die.  
GSWC is frequently contacted to investigate a "dead smell" within the house.

2) Use of glue traps:  Most customers are unaware that glue traps are being used in their attics.  
These glue traps hold a mouse to a cardboard backing, where the animal is held until it is dead.  
Not only is this practice inhumane and cruel, but it still leaves a decomposing carcass in the attic.

3) Poor "trap" placement:  Technicians from pest control companies frequently place the bait stations within the immediate
area of the attic entry.  We've observed glue traps which were simply tossed into the insulation without
any regard for proper placement, within an 8' area.
Proper, thorough placement of traps is crucial to effective control of mouse population!

What to expect from Garden State Wildlife Control:
1) An affordable, short-term, season-specific contract effective during the height of interior mouse activity (fall-winter-spring)
2) Two visits during the first month of control plan, followed by one visit per month by the
owners of GSWC.
3) As owner-operators of Garden State Wildlife Control, our commitment to consistent monthly visits will not be compromised.  
Mice will be humanely euthanized in lethal traps, and a monthly visitation for carcass removal will be provided.  
If the customer prefers more frequent visits, GSWC will return as often as requested.

And most importantly...

When responding to complaints about all species of wildlife, Garden State Wildlife Control will provide SOLUTIONS
which will PREVENT the situation from occurring in the future!  Maintenance is important, but ELIMINATION
of the customer's problem is our ultimate goal.  
New Jersey Pest Control
Pesticide & Poison-free
Mouse Trapping Service
(mus musculus)
We have had several request by customers who are uncomfortable with only lethal trapping of mice in the house.  
Although lethal control methods are an effective option, Garden State Wildlife Control provides a live mouse trapping
service in New Jersey, using only the best, professional-quality live mouse traps available.  
Most of our customers have had the success of a live, multiple-catch in the first night!

Garden State Wildlife Control will provide humane mouse trapping and mouse removal,
according to the plan which best suits the needs of our customer.  We
do not use glue traps and we do not use poisoned
bait or bait stations indoors.  Mice are either captured alive or immediately euthanized with lethal "snap traps".  
With our live mouse removal service, there is no need to handle or dispose of the mice, reducing the potential for
exposure to pathogens and diseases, or the ectoparasites commonly found on mice, such as fleas, ticks or mites.

This method of control requires the direct, consistent participation of the customer.  Daily monitoring of any live traps by
Garden State Wildlife Control will result in a substantial increase in the final cost of the service.
Call Garden State Wildlife Control today!
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A few words about poisons:
The common fallacy perpetuated by most pest control services and "exterminators" is that when rodents are poisoned, they
become dehydrated and thirsty, at which point they "go outside in search of water", where they die.
This is simply untrue.
We have been in dozens of residences to investigate an overwhelming odor of decaying flesh.  Further inspection
often reveals poison bait stations surrounded by large amounts of mouse droppings.  The poisoned mice most often die within
the walls of the house, within insulation, between floors or above suspended ceilings.

The photos below reflect our findings in the suspended ceiling above a customer's finished basement, where we removed 12
dead mice.  Another pest control company placed poisoned bait throughout the basement, prompting our customer's request
to investigate a "dead smell" throughout their house.  The glue board was found in the attic of another residence.  
The customer stated that the pest control company hadn't been in the attic since the beginning of the contract.