Although cute, these herbivores can become a nuisance by establishing burrows where people and
large animals walk.  Humans, horses and other large animals have sustained fractures to their lower
extremities when a foot is accidentally placed in the burrow of a nuisance groundhog.  Being
herbivores, groundhogs can become a nuisance by burrowing under fencing and into garden areas,
helping themselves to leafy vegetables.

Groundhogs are a potential health threat, and nuisance groundhogs in New Jersey are potential rabies
vectors.  Groundhog droppings can also contain roundworm.  If pets or children come in contact with
these parasites, either through direct or indirect contact, it is possible to become infested.  As far as
carriers of roundworm, however, groundhogs are low on probability.
Groundhog (Woodchuck) Removal
(Marmota monax)
Photo of groundhog path under customer's deck
These pictures illustrate groundhog damage around the deck of our customer in Sussex County, New
Jersey.  This groundhog has established four entrances under the front porch of this residence, and it's
burrow is against the foundation of the structure.  Garden State Wildlife Control provides groundhog
methods which will prevent future groundhog damage.

Garden State Wildlife Control does not use chemicals or poisons for groundhog trapping and removal.  We
use only humane, live removal and relocation according to New Jersey state guidelines.
Winter image of previous year's groundhog trail, looking downhill.
Closeup of groundhog burrow in retention pond.
Hillside image of groundhog burrow in retention pond.
These images were taken at the drainage retention pond on the property of a national chain store.  The
groundhogs have caused a serious erosion problem by burrowing into the steep banks of the basin.  In
areas of the pond without active burrows, the ground had collapsed, causing the erosion control problem.  

Groundhog trapping and woodchuck trapping for wildlife damage control is a service provided by our
New Jersey State Certified Animal Control Officers.

It is important to include exclusion (barrier) measures as part of any wildlife damage control program.  
Call Garden State Wildlife and Animal Control for groundhog damage control and woodchuck trapping
and removal in New Jersey!
Far left is winter image of the groundhog's
established pathway.  

Middle image is late spring, with clearly
visible groundhog pathways extending
from burrow.

Image at left is a closeup of the active
woodchuck burrow.