David & Kerry at Garden State Wildlife Control,

Writing you to thank you for a job well done! AAA++ My wife and I were having
problems keeping an unknown animal from burrowing under my wood floor garage
size shed. We were sure when we put the shed down we had taken all precautions by
putting on a railroad tie gravel foundation. Wrong! Thinking weather elements were
our only foe, up pops a tunnel from end to end. Living in the rural environment like
we do we come across everything from groundhog to fox and bear. So we had no
idea what was up, I tried a full season on my own with a Havahart trap to capture
our neighbor; whatever species it was, no luck.
This summer we were to be frustrated no more. We knew we needed pros; well we
got the right team. Not only with your knowledge; you had old school methods that
never die to the latest technology with motion cameras, etc. It wasn’t only about the
capture and relocation, but how do we prevent this annual event, which was the icing
on the cake. Your exclusion method to prevent that very situation was GREAT! All at
a more than reasonable fee for peace of mind. Another thanks! It was a pleasure
doing business and we will recommend you to any of our neighbors.


Bill & Candy Blazier
Augusta, New Jersey

Good morning Kerry & Dave,

Just wanted you both to know how much we appreciated all you did yesterday in
ridding our house of a misguided momma raccoon and her baby. What an exhausting
day for all involved. We feel we were so fortunate that, not only did we find you, but
the time element worked so well for everyone. I guess it was meant to be that you got
the initial message when you were so close to Parsippany.

All in all, it was a most successful day and if we get a good report on the 'little one'
next week, all will be as good as it could have been...except if momma had chosen
somewhere else to do her birthing. Also, Dave, you did an unbelievable job of putting
the house back together. If we had provided you with the proper color grate, shingle
and wood trim, no one would ever know that anything had happened.

We'll talk you soon and set up a time for the tree work.
Again, thanks for all your hard work yesterday.

Judy & Jeff Rogin
Parsippany, New Jersey
Customer Testimonials

Dave and Kerry really know their stuff! After a call to help with the skunk that had
taken up residency under our shed, they showed up with a trap, a camera, a humane
way to relocate the stinker and her crew, and a wealth of knowledge. They worked
diligently everyday for 5 consecutive days, and a we are finally able to say our skunk
has flown the coop. Thank you Dave and Kerry, it was a pleasure having you here. If
we find ourselves in a similar predicament in the future, we will DEFINITELY call on
you again.

Maria P
Hampton, New Jersey

My husband and I reside in Montague, NJ and were having an ongoing flying squirrel
problem in the space above our ceiling (between the roof and the ceiling).  We had
attempted to take care of it with someone we found in the phone book.  The man
came to the house and placed two traps on the top of the roof, all to no avial and still
charged us full price with no success.  

We were driving north on Route 23 one day and I spotted a billboard advertising
Garden State Wildlife Control detailing the animals they could help you get rid of
humanely.  We contacted them and they came to assess the problem and found a hole
next to the chimney where they were most likely getting in.  David placed a cage next
to the chimney and the next day they came out and went into the trap.  Over the next
couple of days they were all captured and removed.  When they were all captured,
David sealed the hole.  Needless to say, we were very happy with their service.  
GREAT JOB KERRY AND DAVID!  We would highly recommend their services.

Patricia and Joseph McConville
Montague, NJ

Finally!  Humane mice removal is available to home owners. I called at least 12 pest
control companies, and they all snickered at me. Then I found David and Kerry. They
first inspected my house and found all the places mice were getting in. Then they put
out humane traps. Not the glue traps which slowly suffocate a struggling mouse with
glue, and not a mouse trap which seldom kills a mouse instantly, instead breaking its
back or leg and the mouse slowly dies in agony. These humane traps are a snap. You
never touch the mouse. Let David and Kerry tell you about these wonderful traps.

Thank you
Garden State Wildlife!!!!!

Jo Ann Porto
Mendham, NJ

For several months there was a distinct smell of skunk in my house. I actually had
another company inspect the home and tell me "there is nothing we can do for you."
We finally got so fed up with the smell that we called Dave and Kerry. They came to
our home the next day and inspected the home, set traps, and hooked up a game trail
camera to try and capture the culprits on film.

The next morning there was a juvenile skunk in the trap and the mother was outside
trying to get the baby out! Dave came RIGHT over and literally barehanded momma
skunk and placed her in the trap with the baby! They were released safely and as a
precaution we reset the trap. In the morning I had FIVE more juvenile skunks sniffing
around the trap (it closed prematurely overnight). Again, Dave flew over to try and
snag them but missed them by a few minutes. After re-resetting the traps (now there
were five traps set) we finally snagged all five juveniles. One momma, six babies.

Dave and Kerry were so professional in all their correspondences with me and the
level of service they provided is unmatched by any service calls I've ever made.
Garden State Wildlife provided their service at an incredible value for me and my
family and I can't commend them enough for their work.

Thank you!

Michael Turkot
Denville, NJ

Our problem: the roofer just put a new roof on the cottage and Mr Squirrel was
trapped ! Our solution: we called Dave and Kerry at GSWC. I called and left them a
detailed message and they called back within five minutes. Dave was very personable,
he understood the scope of our problem, he proposed a few different solutions we
could try and his price was much more reasonable than the others. I asked if they
could come right over even though it was almost dark and they did not hesitate. They
were at our home within the hour and setting up a humane exit door for the squirrel.
They completely explained how the door should work and they gave me a guarantee
that they would remove the squirrel. Within 48 hours the squirrel was gone ! I would
highly recommend GSWC.

Thank you,

Paul Thompson
Chester, NJ

Can't thank you enough for an amazing job capturing our friend, Mr. Groundhog. I never
thought than in an hour our friend would be captured and that you came all the way back at
11:00 p.m. to take him away and release him in the wild!  You did an amazing job making sure
we won't be having any more friends set up home under our shed. You are a true professional.

Thanks again for a job well done. FIVE STAR SERVICE!

Vana and David Pollack
Wayne, NJ